Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Throw Away the Key

We are looking forward to booting 2011 out the door and throwing away the key. I am also asking the powers that be to pretty please bring more good than bad in 2012.

January: Good - Granddaughter Catalina Breeze born. Bad: Monster snowstorm  February: Good - Oldest son Riley home from the army to see his new daughter. Bad - Surprise lambings in bitter cold. Lamb losses and LGD attack March: Good – 75 healthy kid goats born Bad – lose two excellent milkers from difficult freshenings April: Good - Montecello, Kate’s horse from Welwyn, arrives for R&R from a jumping injury. Bad - Cannot find a creamery to bottle our milk and make our yogurt – creamery building delayed because of finances May: Good - Invited to present at the inaugural Slow Money Conference in NYC and new intern arrives. Bad – farmers market sales affected by bad economy June: Good - Kate is accepted for the Equine Management program at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA. Bad – have to borrow money to pay for Kate’s college July: Good – enjoying many guests at the farm stay and Fable is booked solid for Saturday dining and Sunday brunches Bad - The calm before the storm   August: Good – Neighbors. Bad - Hurricane Irene and no electricity for five days. Lost hundreds of turkey poults. September: Good – garden harvest is abundant. Farmers market sales pick up. Bad - Storm flooding causes severe damage along streams and roads. Farmers market sales plummet again. Family crises begin. October: Good – Warm autumn. Still picking and canning tomatoes. Bad - Family crises November: Good – great weather and crew for turkey slaughter Bad – Continued family crises December: Good – Kate home from college for the holidays. 2011 almost over. Bad - family issues escalate

Moonfall over Horse Pasture

Newborn Catalina snoozing

Montecello "Monty" arrives


The Rabbit Fleet
Slaughtering Easter lambsShane becomes Monty's groom

Letting Broiler Chickens out of Night Cabin
View of Farm from Uppper Pasture

White Highlanders on Pasture

Raspberries in July

Catalina at Delaware County Fair. Moo!

Bluebird in our Garden

Riley home to visit Catalina

The Hen Party

Just Picked Tomatoes and Beans

Just Picked Wild Apples for the Press

Shane and Susannah Pressing Cider

The Cider Press

Morning Clouds over Mountain
The Turkey Slaughter Crew Day 1

Turkey Guts

Susannah Plucking Bronze Turkey

Susannah and Kate cut Christmas Tree down

Hauling the Tree Home

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The challenges of 2011 in both our home and business lives shape our outlook for 2012.  2011 was an important year for turning our energy inward to nurture and heal our family, to break or cement commitments and relationships, to question our judgments and actions, to adjust and make hard changes and to prioritize our goals and actions to attain happiness and sustainable success.   A heartfelt thank you to our family, friends and customers who provided us with the emotional and financial ballast to survive the many steps backwards in 2011 and who nudged and cheered us forward with promises of love and commitment.  A quick look into our crystal ball reveals renewed hope, happiness and success in 2012.  We hope to share it with you.